Fujitsu MAA3182/MAB3045/MAB3091:Switch Settings

1. Setting Terminals

The user must set the following terminals and SCSI terminating resistor before installing the HDD in the system.

Setting terminal: CN6
Figures 1 shows the setting terminal position of each model. Figures 2 shows the setting contents and default setting of each modules.

  1. The user must not change the setting of terminal not described in this section. Do not change setting status set at factory shipment.

  2. Do not change the setting of terminals except following setting pins during the power is turned on.

    - Write protect

    MAx3xxxSP: CN7 13-14

  3. To short the setting terminal, use the short plug attached when the device is shipped from the factory.

PCA Layout (MAx3xxxSC)
Figure 1 MAx3xxxSC setting terminals position

Setting terminals (MAx3xxxSP)
Figure 2 Setting terminals (MAx3xxxSP)

1.1 SCSI ID setting

(1)SCA type 16-bit SCSI model (MAx3xxxSC)

There is no SCSI ID setting terminals for SCA type model. Set the SCSI ID using ID0,ID1,ID2, and ID3 signals on the SCSI interface connector(CN1).

(2)Single-ended 16-bit SCSI model (MAx3xxxSP)

Table 1 shows the SCSI ID setting. Refer to Figure 2 for connector positioning and allocation.


When the SCSI ID is set using the external operator panel connector CN1, all pins listed in Table 1 should be open.
If any of pins are shorted, unexpected SCSI is set.

Table 1 SCSI ID setting(Single-ended 16-bit SCSI model:MAx3xxxSP)

* Setting at factory shipment


  1. Set the SCSI ID so that there are no duplicates between SCSI devices on the same SCSI bus.
  2. The priority of SCSI bus use in ARBITRATION phase is determined by SCSI ID as follows:

1.2 Each mode setting

(1)Setting terminal power supply

Refer to Table 2 for contorlling the supply of power from the drive to SCSI terminal resistance power source (TERMPOW). However, this setting may not be used with SCA2 type 16bit-SCSI(MAx3xxxSC). For information on MAx3xxxSP, refer to Figure 2.

Table 2 Setting SCSI terminal power supply
Supply on/off of SCSI terminating resistor power from HDDCN6 1-2
Supply offOPEN
Supply onSHORT*
* Setting at factory shipment

(2)Motor start mode

Set how to control the starting of the HDD spindle motor according to Table 2. This setting only determines the operation mode when the power supply is turned on or microcode is downloaded. In both modes, stopping or restarting the spindle motor can be controlled by specifying the START/STOP UNIT command.

This setting is not provided for SCA2 type 16-bit SCSI model(MAx3xxxSC).

For information on MAx3xxxSP, refer to Figure 2.

Table 3 Motor start mode setting
Start timing of the spindle motorCN6 3-4
Starting of the motor is controlled with START/STOP UNIT command.OPEN
The motor is started immediately after the power supply is turned or the microcode is downloaded.SHORT*
* Setting at factory shipment

1.3 Write protect,terminating resistor setting

(1)Write protect

When the write protect function is enabled, writing to the disk medium is disabled. The write protect function setting is not provided to the SCA type 16-bit SCSI model(MAx3xxxSC).

For information on MAx3xxxSP, refer to Figure 2.

Table 4 Write protect setting
Write protectMAx3xxxSSMAx3xxxSP
CN7 11-12CN7 13-14
Write operation is enabled.OPEN*OPEN*
Write operation is disabled.SHORTSHORT
* Setting at factory shippment

(2)Connection of terminating resistor on SCSI interface
a. SCA2 type 16-bit SCSI model(MAx3xxxSC)

Since there is no SCSI terminating resistor on the SCSI interface for SCA2 type 16-bit SCSI, there is no setting on the HDD.

b.Single-ended 16-bit SCSI model(MAx3xxxSP)

Setting terminals CN6 5-6 set whether to use the terminating resistor circuit on the SCSI interface provided for the HDD (see Table 5).


When the external operator panel is connected using the external operator panel connector CN1, this setting is effective only when the A9 pin (DISCON) is open.

Table 5 Setting of connection of terminating resistor on SCSI interface
(single-ended 16-bit SCSI model:MAx3xxxSP)
Connecting SCSI interface terminating resistorMAx3xxxSP
CN6 5-6
Terminating resistor circuit is not connected.OPEN
Terminating resistor circuit is connected.SHORT*
* Setting at factory shipment

1.4 Mode settings

In addition to the previously described settings using setting terminals, the HDD is provided several mode settings.
The mode settings are enabled by specifying the CHANGE DEFINITION command. Table 6 lists the mode settings and their settings at factory shipment.

Table 6 Default mode settings(by CHANGE DEFINITION) command
Mode settingContents
SCSI levelSCSI-2
UNIT ATTENTION report modeReported
Reselection retry countNot restricted
WIDE DATA TRANSFER REQUEST message sendingSent from HDD
Reselection time-out delay250 ms
Spindle motor start delay time0 sec

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