Fujitsu M2681/82/84T:Switch Settings

PCA Layout    All configurations marked "*" are default settings

Terminal CNH1

Pins Status Function 1-2 SHORT(*) Set drive as MASTER OPEN Set drive as SLAVE 3-4 SHORT IORDY connected to the interface OPEN(*) IORDY not connected to interface 5-6 SHORT ACMODE connected to the interface OPEN(*) ACMODE not connected to interface 7-8 SHORT Automatic idle mode disabled OPEN(*) Automatic idle mode enabled 9-10 SHORT CSEL connected to the interface OPEN(*) CSEL not connected to interface 11-12 OPEN(*) Reserved 13-14 SHORT(*) Reserved (notes) 3-4; When the data transfer rate of the host becomes very high (approximately 8 MB/sec), then the drive must output a wait state to pin 27 of the interface to extend the transfer cycle. This function is only available if the host adapter supports IORDY. 5-6; If a host does not support ACMODE then these pins should remain OPEN. All requests to spin the motor down will be executed. 7-8; Remove this jumper to disable the drive's ability to automatically spin down when a command has not been received from the host after a specific length of time. 9-10; In CABLE SELECT (CSEL) mode, the drive can be configured as a master or slave drive across the interface cable with this jumper shorted. A special cable is required to support this function.

Connector CN5

External LED connector Pin Signal 01 LED(V) 02 LED

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