Fujitsu M2652H/M2654H:Switch Settings

PCA Layout   All configurations marked "*" are default settings

Terminal CN3

Set SCSI ID 5-6 3-4 1-2 ID OPEN* OPEN* OPEN* 0 OPEN OPEN SHORT 1 OPEN SHORT OPEN 2 OPEN SHORT SHORT 3 SHORT OPEN OPEN 4 SHORT OPEN SHORT 5 SHORT SHORT OPEN 6 SHORT SHORT SHORT 7 NOTE :The drive is shipped from the factory with the SCSI ID set to 0. but the links are offset, this is done intentionally as it will enable the user to configure the drive with enough shorting straps for any ID. It must be remembered though that the host adapter normally takes ID 7 with all peripheral devices using IDs 0 through to 6 7-8 SHORT* SCSI PORT Enabled OPEN SCSI PORT Disabled 9-10 OPEN Reserved 11 N/C KEY 13-14 OPEN* External LED connection 15-16 SHORT* Write protection disabled OPEN Write protection enabled 17-18 SHORT* Normal operational mode OPEN Self-diagnostic mode 19-20 OPEN* Drive reset. This can be useful for debug purposes. Under normal conditions this should not be shorted; a momentary switch mounted on an external panel would be more suitable.

Connector CN5

Factory use only.

Connector CN6

Spindle synchronisation connection

Connector CNH1

LED display requirement 1-2 SHORT* LED active when drive connected to bus OPEN LED active when drive READY SCSI level 3-4 SHORT* SCSI-2 OPEN SCSI-1 (Common Command Set) Synchronous Data Transfer Mode 5-6 SHORT* Initiation from drive (TARG) OPEN Initiation from host (INIT) RESELECTION phase and ACK signal wait time monitoring 7-8 SHORT* Executed OPEN Not executed SCSI time monitoring 9-10 11-12 ACK signal wait time RESELECTION monitoring and number of retries SHORT* SHORT* Unlimited 250ms, 128 retries SHORT OPEN 30 - 60 seconds 250ms, 10 retries OPEN SHORT 30 - 60 seconds 250ms, unlimited retries OPEN OPEN 1 - 2 seconds 1ms, 10 reties SCSI data bus parity check 13-14 SHORT* Executed by IDD OPEN Not executed by IDD 15-16 SHORT* RESERVED

Terminal CNH2

UNIT ATTENTION response 1-2 SHORT* CHECK CONDITION posted OPEN CHECK CONDITION not posted Spindle Synchronisation 3-4 5-6 7-8 OPEN ANY ANY Disabled SHORT OPEN OPEN Inhibited SHORT SHORT OPEN Slave mode (mode 1) SHORT OPEN SHORT Master mode (mode 2) SHORT* SHORT* SHORT* Determined by MODE SELECT Page 4 (mode 3) Motor start timing 9-10 SHORT* Motor start on power up OPEN Motor start via START/STOP UNIT command Auto spin-up delay 11-12 SHORT* Immediate OPEN SCSI ID dependent When the auto spin-up delay is used in conjuntion with the motor start mode setting (CNH2 9-10), a delay can be implemented to sequence spin motors in a multiple drive configuration. The delay is 30 seconds from power on between each SCSI ID address. ID 7 sequences first, followed by each address in descending order. To calculate the delay, use the following formula : delay in seconds = ( 7 - scsi_id ) * 30 Write/Read RAM 13-14 SHORT* Reports CHECK CONDITION OPEN No error reported 15-16 SHORT* RESERVED

Terminal CNH3

There are no user changeable settings on this terminal.

Terminal CNH4

SCSI Terminating Power 1-2 3-4 Function SHORT* SHORT* Power is supplied to the terminating resistor from the IDD and TERMPWR pin. Power is also supplied to the TERMPWR pin from the IDD. (Pin 26 of the interface) OPEN SHORT The TERMPWR pin is not used. Power is supplied to the IDD terminating resistor only from the IDD SHORT OPEN Power is not supplied to the terminating resistor from the IDD, only from the TERMPWR pin.

Terminal CNH6

Pin Signal 01 Spindle Synchronisation 02 1K /1.5K 03 No connection 04 No connection

Terminal CNH7

Factory use only.

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