Fujitsu M2622/23/24T:Switch Settings

PCA Layout    All configurations marked "*" are default settings

Switch SW1

Key Status Function 1 OFF(*) Pin 27 = IOCHRDY ON Reserved When the data transfer rate of the host becomes very high (near 3.7 MW/sec or more), then the drive must output a wait state to pin 27 of the host interface. 2 OFF(*) SPSYNC disabled ON SPSYNC enabled 3 OFF(*) WRITE PROTECTION disabled ON WRITE PROTECTION enabled 4 OFF(*) 4 byte ECC mode ON 7 byte ECC mode 5 OFF(*) Configure drive as MASTER ON Configure drive as SLAVE 6 OFF(*) Reserved

Terminal CNH1

Pin Status Function 1-2 OPEN(*) Spindle sync not active SHORT Issue spindle synchronisation pulse to pin 28 of host interface 1-2 SHORT Receive spindle synchronisation pulse from pin 28 of host interface 3-4 SHORT 5-6 SHORT(*) Reserved 7-8 SHORT(*)

Terminal CNH2

Factory testing points

Terminal CNH3

Key Status Function 1-2 SHORT(*) Pin 39 DASP 3-4 OPEN(*) Reserved

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