Fujitsu M2622/23/24HA:Switch Settings

PCA Layout    All configurations marked "*" are default settings

Terminal CNH1

PER defaults 1-2 SHORT(*) 0 OPEN 1 SCSI level 3-4 SHORT SCSI-1/CCS mode OPEN(*) SCSI-2 mode Offline self diagnostics 5-6 SHORT Diagnostic mode OPEN(*) Normal mode UNIT ATTENTION report mode 7-8 SHORT(*) Reports with CHECK CONDITION status OPEN Does not report with CHECK CONDITION status Reselection retry 9-10 SHORT(*) Retry count = unlimited OPEN Retry count = 10 11-12 SHORT(*) Reserved SCSI Bus Parity 13-14 SHORT(*) Executed OPEN Not executed Synchronous Data Transfer Request 15-16 SHORT(*) Enabled from TARG OPEN Disabled from TARG LED display requirement 17-18 SHORT(*) LED activated when drive seeking OPEN LED activated when drive idle Motor Start Mode 19-20 SHORT(*) On Power Up OPEN Via START/STOP UNIT Command SCSI Terminating Power 21-22 SHORT(*) Power supplied from IDD OPEN Power suuplied from TRMPWR pin only

Terminal CNH2

1-2 OPEN(*) User must not change this setting 3-4 OPEN(*) User must not change this setting

Terminal CNH3

Spindle synchronisation termination 1-2 OPEN(*) No termination SHORT Termination installed

Terminal CNH4

For spindle synchronisation cable Pin Function 1 GROUND IN 2 SPSYNC IN 3 GROUND OUT 4 SPSYNC OUT

Terminal CHN7

Set SCSI ID (note) Always ensure that each device on the SCSI bus has been given a unique ID. Normally the host adapter will take or assume SCSI ID 7. Check your host adapter documentation for more details. 5-6 3-4 1-2 ID OPEN(*) OPEN(*) OPEN(*) 0 OPEN OPEN SHORT 1 OPEN SHORT OPEN 2 OPEN SHORT SHORT 3 SHORT OPEN OPEN 4 SHORT OPEN SHORT 5 SHORT SHORT OPEN 6 SHORT SHORT SHORT 7

Write Protection 7-8 SHORT(*) Disabled OPEN Enabled 9-10 OPEN(*) RESERVED

Connector CN5

External LED connection Pin Signal 01 LED(V) 02 -LED

Connector CN6

External SCSI ID connector (note) Ensure that the device has been physically set to SCSI ID 0 (zero) before attempting to use this connection. Pin Signal 01 GND 02 -ID2 (bit 4) 03 GND 04 -ID1 (bit 2) 05 GND 06 -ID0 (bit 1)

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