Fujitsu M2622/23/24FA:Switch Settings

PCA Layout    All configurations marked "*" are default settings

Terminal CNH1

PER defaults 1-2 SHORT(*) 0 OPEN 1 SCSI level 3-4 SHORT SCSI-1/CCS mode OPEN(*) SCSI-2 mode Offline self diagnostics 5-6 SHORT Diagnostic mode OPEN(*) Normal mode UNIT ATTENTION report mode 7-8 SHORT(*) Reports with CHECK CONDITION status OPEN Does not report with CHECK CONDITION status Reselection retry 9-10 SHORT(*) Retry count = unlimited OPEN Retry count = 10 11-12 SHORT(*) Reserved SCSI Bus Parity 13-14 SHORT(*) Executed OPEN Not executed Synchronous Data Transfer Request 15-16 SHORT(*) Enabled from TARG OPEN Disabled from TARG LED display requirement 17-18 SHORT(*) LED activated when drive seeking OPEN LED activated when drive idle Motor Start Mode 19-20 SHORT(*) On Power Up OPEN Via START/STOP UNIT Command SCSI Terminating Power 21-22 23-24 Function SHORT(*) SHORT(*) Power is supplied to the terminating resistor from the IDD and TERMPWR pin. Power is also supplied to the TERMPWR pin from the IDD. (Pin 26 of the interface) OPEN SHORT The TERMPWR pin is not used. Power is supplied to the IDD terminating registor only from the IDD. SHORT OPEN Power is not supplied to the terminating registor from the IDD, only from the TERMPWR pin.

Terminal CNH2

1-2 OPEN(*) User must not change this setting 3-4 OPEN(*) User must not change this setting

Terminal CNH3

Spindle synchronisation termination 1-2 OPEN(*) No termination SHORT Termination installed

Terminal CNH4

For spindle synchronisation cable Pin Function 1 GROUND IN 2 SPSYNC IN 3 GROUND OUT 4 SPSYNC OUT

Terminal CHN7

Set SCSI ID (note) Always ensure that each device on the SCSI bus has been given a unique ID. Normally the host adapter will take or assume SCSI ID 7. Check your host adapter documentation for more details. 5-6 3-4 1-2 ID OPEN(*) OPEN(*) OPEN(*) 0 OPEN OPEN SHORT 1 OPEN SHORT OPEN 2 OPEN SHORT SHORT 3 SHORT OPEN OPEN 4 SHORT OPEN SHORT 5 SHORT SHORT OPEN 6 SHORT SHORT SHORT 7

Write Protection 7-8 SHORT(*) Disabled OPEN Enabled 9-10 OPEN(*) RESERVED

Connector CN5

External LED connection Pin Signal 01 LED(V) 02 LED

Connector CN6

External SCSI ID connector (note) Ensure that the device has been physically set to SCSI ID 0 (zero) before attempting to use this connection. Pin Signal 01 GND 02 -ID2 (bit 4) 03 GND 04 -ID1 (bit 2) 05 GND 06 -ID0 (bit 1)

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