Fujitsu M2927SA:Switch Settings

PCA Layout  All configurations marked "*" are default settings

Terminal Connector CN4

    ID2    ID1    ID0   SCSI ID
    OPEN   OPEN   OPEN     0
    OPEN   OPEN   SHORT    1
    OPEN   SHORT  OPEN     2
    OPEN   SHORT  SHORT    3
    SHORT  OPEN   OPEN     4
    SHORT  OPEN   SHORT    5
    SHORT  SHORT  OPEN     6

Terminal Connector CN6
Pin Status Function
Spindle motor control
  A   SHORT*  Auto Start on Power up
      OPEN    Controlled by START/STOP UNIT command
SCSI Bus Parity checking
  P   SHORT*  Enabled
      OPEN    Disabled
Offline Self-diagnostics
  D   SHORT*  Normal
      OPEN    Execute
Terminal Connector CN7
Pin Status Function
Spindle Sync I/O pulse.

Master & Slave control determining whether to receive or transmit SPSYNC are set by MODE SELECT command. This terminal SY Pin 1 GROUND Pin 2 Execute External Reset.

This would normally be connected to a momentary switch which would short pin 3 to ground for the reset of the drive and SCSI bus. Normally used for debug purpose only. R SHORT* External reset signal when connected to ground OPEN No connection

Write protection WP SHORT* Disabled OPEN Enabled

Termination of SCSI Bus TM SHORT* Enable terminating resistor OPEN Disable terminating resistor

Terminal Connector CN20
External LED connector
  Pin 1    LED(V)
  Pin 2   -LED

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