Fujitsu M2611T/M2612T/M2613T/M2614T:Switch Settings

PCA Layout All configurations marked "*" are default settings

Terminal CNH1

Pins Status Function 1-2 SHORT(*) Set drive as MASTER OPEN Set drive as SLAVE 3-4 SHORT ACMODE connected to the interface OPEN(*) ACMODE disconnected from interface ACMODE is a special feature which allows the system to tell the drive whether or not the drives own power save functions take priority over any power commands issued by the system. This function is assigned to pin 28 of the interface when these pins are shorted. This function should not be used unless you are certain that your system supports this feature. 5-6 SHORT(*) Disable auto idle control OPEN Enable auto idle control 7-8 SHORT CSEL connected to the interface OPEN(*) CSEL not connected to interface CSEL disconnected from interfaceCable select mode gives an alternative method by which the drive may be set to MASTER or SLAVE. A special cable is needed to implement this feature and should only be used if supported by both drives. CSEL should only be used in conjunction with SLAVE and without ACMODE. 9-10 OPEN Reserved

Connector CN5

External LED connector Pin Function 01 LED(V) 02 LED (notes) Cable length should not exceed 30 centimetres.
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