Fujitsu M2611T#D/M2612ET/M2613ET/M2614ET:Switch Settings

PCA Layout All configurations marked "*" are default settings


1.IRQ14/RSVD Normal status Key 1 ON(*), Key 2 OFF(*) Pin 29=Reserved, Pin 31=IRQ 14 After exchange Key 1 OFF, Key 2 ON Pin 29=IRQ 14, Pin 31=Reserved 2.SLV/ACT Active mode Key 3 OFF(*), Key 4 ON(*) Slave present mode Key 3 ON, Key 4 OFF (Notes) This plug should be set in "Active mode" on daisy-chained connection of both M261xET.


1.Master/Slave Master drive Key 1 ON(*) Key 2 OFF(*) Slave drive Key 1 OFF Key 2 ON Slave side of 2-drive system 2.1-drive/2-drive 1-drive Key 3 OFF(*) 2-drive Key 3 ON 3.Write-protect Write-enabled Key 4 OFF(*) Write-protected Key 4 ON 4.IOCHRDY 27 Pin=Reserved Key 5 OFF(*) 27 Pin=IOCHRDY Key 5 ON 5.ECC Bytes 4 bytes Key 6 OFF(*) 7 bytes Key 6 ON

Connector CN7

External LED connector Pin Function 01 LED(V) 02 LED (notes) Cable length should not exceed 30 centimetres.
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