Fujitsu M2616ET:Switch Setting

PCA Layout   All configurations marked "*" are default settings

Setting Switches SW1

IRQ14/RSVD switch Key1 Key2 Function ON(*) OFF Normal status(pin29=RESERVED, pin31=IRQ14) OFF ON(*) After exchange(pin29=IRQ14,pin31=RESERVED) Slave present mode/Active mode Key3 Key4 Function ON OFF Slave present mode OFF ON Active mode

Setting Switches SW2

Mater/Slave Key 1 Key2 ON OFF Master drive OFF ON Slave side of 2-drive system 1-drive/2-drive Key 3 ON 2-drive OFF(*) 1-drive Write protect Key 4 ON write protected OFF(*) write enabled I/O Channel ready(IOCHRDY)output Key 5 ON IOCHRDY OFF(*) RESERVED ECC bytes Key 6 ON 4 bytes OFF(*) 7 bytes

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