Fujitsu M2541B:Switch Settings

Jumper Pins Location  All configurations marked * are default settings.

Jumper Settings

Default setting Key 7-8 SHORT* default jumper setting

Mode settings Master device mode setting Key 7-8 SHORT* master device setting

Slave device setting Key 7-8 OPEN slave device setting

Cable select mode setting In the cable select mode, the optical disk drive can be configured either mast er device or slave device by connecting the CSEL to the interface. For use of this mode, an unique interface cable is required. Key 6-7 SHORT cable select mode setting

Figure 1 shows the example of cable selection using unique interface cable.

By connecting the CSEL of the device to the CSEL line (conductor) of the cabl e and connecting it to ground further, the CSEL is set to low level. The optic al disk drive is identified as a master device. At this time, the CSEL of the slave drive does not have a conductor. Thus, since the slave device is not con nected to the CSEL conductor, the CSEL is set to high level. The optical disk drive is identified as a slave device.

 (1) Example #1

(1) Example #2

Figure 1 Example of cable select

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